An Easy way to monitor your spot in queue!
By Sigma#8214

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Open Source

All code and assets are licensed under the
GNU General Public License v3.0


Customize is made easy! Important settings are easily accessible in the settings window.

Discord Webhooks

Send Webhooks to your discord when you log into / get kicked from 2B2T!


Open Source

More information about this project as well as the source code and documentation can be found on the GitHub repo here.

Discord Webhooks

Easily set up the 2B2T-Queue-Notifier to send Discord Webhooks when you change position in queue / Login to a server / Get Kicked from a server. You can even have it @ you when you get logged in.


Download Now!

Checkout the Readme page for installation information here.



Screenshots of the 2B2T-Queue-Notifier In Action!

Clean Customizable Gui

Just plain simple...


Send webhooks when you log in and out of 2b2b or when you advance in 2b2t queue!

Advanced Settings

Configure it to work how you like!